Comment: A Fanboy’s Rant #1

1. One of the sequences in Comic Book Superheros Unmasked (2003) dealt with the crash of the comic industry during the early 90s. I’d like to bring up one point made by Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada during the interview, where he basically states that the variant cover phenomenon during that time played a big part … Continue reading Comment: A Fanboy’s Rant #1

COMMENT: On Reloads and Relaunches

Answer: Everyone that bought a copy of Astonishing X-Men #1. [See the end for the Question.] As someone who stopped buying comic books back in the early 90s – missing the worst of the speculator-driven boom and bust – and started again last year, I can see both sides of the “Relaunch/Reload” debate that seems … Continue reading COMMENT: On Reloads and Relaunches

President Forever 2004

President Forever 2004 is the perfect computer sim for political junkies. I bought the full version last week (only $12, well worth it!) and have run through six campaigns so far with Dubya kicking my ass all but once. He beat Kerry twice, paired up with Edwards and then Gephardt, neither of whom helped carry … Continue reading President Forever 2004