Entry Points, Accessibility and Transmedia Potential

It will be interesting to see what other publisher can successfully go the Marvel route; with a $2B+ worldwide box office already in for the Avengers’ on-screen storyworld (one that still bizarrely lives in total isolation from the comics), I’m guessing several will make the attempt within the next 2-3 years. Two gaming franchises I think have some serious transmedia potential are Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls and Activision’s Skylanders, though you might be surprised by which one I think has the most potential.

Free Comic Book Day 2007

This year’s Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday, May 5 — the same weekend Spider-Man 3 opens — and the list of comics that will be available is pretty impressive. My initial thoughts on some of them: Archie Comics (Gold): Archie Comics Little Archie 2007 Archie Comics (Silver): Sonic the Hedgehog 2007 My son […]

Review: The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One

The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One By Scott Christian Sava (Blue Dream Studios, 2006; $19.95) I have to admit that I was initially put off by the computer animated artwork when I first flipped through The Dreamland Chronicles, especially compared to Diego Jourdan’s more familiar cartoony style in Scott Christian Sava’s Ed’s Terrestrials, which I received […]

Review: The Guardian Line

Joe and Max #1 By Jason Medley, Claude St. Aubin & Chris Chuckery Genesis 5 #1 By Lovern Kindzierski, Claude St. Aubin & Chris Chuckery Code #1 By Mike Baron, Lovern Kindzierski, Howard Simpson, Dave Ross & Chris Chuckery (All published by The Guardian line, December 2006) Any sincere attempt by a comics publisher to […]

Review: Ed’s Terrestrials

Ed’s TerrestrialsBy Scott Christian Sava and Diego Jourdan (Blue Dream Studios, 2006; $19.99) There’s few things in comics that I love more than a good, all-ages graphic novel, both for my own personal enjoyment and to be able to share it with my 6-year old son. In the past, I’ve praised the likes of A […]