On The Shelves: 1/4/07

Reading is fundamental. Don’t waste your time reading bad comics out of habit! Hello, 2007! 2006 was a great year for comics of all types (be sure to check out my Best of picks) and I’m betting this year is going to be even better all-around. Hopefully Ed Brubaker’s crystal ball is in working order: […]

Best of 2006

In the most glaring sign yet of how much my tastes have changed over the 3.5 years since I started reading comics again, compare my Best of 2004 choices to this year’s stellar roundup (below). Posted nearly two months before the year had ended, that 2004 list was limited to ongoing series, two of which […]

Review: American Born Chinese

American Born ChineseBy Gene Luen Yang (First Second, 2006; $16.95) When I first heard about American Born Chinese back in July, I pegged it as the highlight of First Second’s second wave of releases purely based on a few preview images and its solicitation copy. After doing so, I crossed my fingers that it would […]

BORP! — Bumperboy Update

It’s been a while between Bumperboy updates here at CBC, but Debbie Huey just posted a sneak peek at the upcoming Bumperboy.net redesign and it looks pretty sweet. Huey is not only a talented creator, but a savvy marketer and merchandiser, and Bumperboy.net is the perfect example of a comics web site done right. Hopefully […]

Review: Viper All-Ages

A Bit Haywireby Scott Zirkel & Courtney Huddleston (Viper Comics, 2006; $11.95) I’m a big fan of good all-ages entertainment, and whenever something really good pops up on the comics scene, I’m especially psyched because it means I have something new I can comfortably share with my 6-year old son who’s becoming an avid reader. […]