Marketing Monday: A Simple Plan, Part I

Before I go any further with this, I want to establish the three basic principles that will represent the foundation for the Marketing Monday series of columns: 1) Publishing comics is a business, not a hobby; 2) Proftability within 3-5 years, if not sooner, is the goal. 3) The ultimate goal of marketing is to … Continue reading Marketing Monday: A Simple Plan, Part I

COMMENT: Speakeasy Shuts Its Doors

UPDATED…AGAIN! Let the fallout begin… Elk’s Run creator/writer, Joshua Hale Fialkov, confirmed what seemed pretty inevitable earlier this afternoon over on his blog: So, just got off the phone with Adam Fortier, President etc. of Speakeasy Comics. Speakeasy is no more. Due to some payment problems and low sales, it seems, they’ve had to lock … Continue reading COMMENT: Speakeasy Shuts Its Doors

Deja vu-hahhahhahaha!!!!

An email I just received via my resume on Dear, I’ve recently obtained your resume from the Monster Board and I was very pleased when I read it. I believe that you possess many of the skills and qualities that are consistent with some of our most successful Financial Services Representatives here at MetLife. … Continue reading Deja vu-hahhahhahaha!!!!