Review: El Zombo Fantasma (TPB)

Blame it on the Cartoon Network’s Mucha Lucha for my even giving El Zombo Fantasma a second glance. Or credit it, depending, but if not for it, this book wouldn’t have even registered on my radar and that would have been my loss. I’d never heard of El Zombo‘s original 3-issue run, published under Dark […]

ménage à trois: 1/26/05

[One Marvel, one DC, both published the previous Wednesday, plus a random indie from whenever I feel like it, each reviewed quickie-style: 1 Minute=bad, 10 Minutes=good. Connections, if any at all, may be forced purely for the experience.] There’s a saying in Hollywood about the difficulties of working with kids and animals, and with good […]

Yummy Sandwich: Revisited

Due to a sudden rise in Google searches for “Yummy Sandwich” leading to my journal over the weekend, and a couple of sad attempts at revisionist spin in my comments section, let’s recap for the newcomers. 1) On May 20, 2004, I wrote about Yummy Sandwich’s Powerpoint presentation and it’s questionable use of “illegal immigrants” […]

Jesse Helms is back! And this time he’s black.

You can’t make this stuff up. “Jesse Helms is back! And this time he’s black.” That’s Winston-Salem city councilman Vernon Robinson’s campaign slogan as one of eight GOP candidates in the July 20 primary for North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District. Pretty inoffensive, though, compared to the radio ad he’s running: ANNOUNCER NO. 1: Vernon Robinson, […]

Yummy Sandwich.

Yummy Sandwich. Yummy Sandwich. Yummy Sandwich. Yummy Sandwich. Yummy Sandwich. [I want to make sure this gets picked up by any Google searches for these ignorant bastards.] Yummy Sandwich is one of those “take-in” lunch services that corporations sign on with to keep you from wasting their time by leaving your desk and going outside […]