INTERVIEW: Charlie Huston & Moon Knight | PCS Flashback

Back in 2005, I spent two hours over cold beers talking with Charlie Huston about Moon Knight and the pressure of living up to the hype surrounding his relaunch; what “decompression” and “9-out-of-10 of those single issues sucked!” have in common; and what Doug Moench and Steve Gerber don’t have in common. The resulting interview, originally published at Buzzscope, is my favorite ever.

In the Scope: Speakeasy Shakes Things Up

[This post was retrieved via the Wayback Machine and archived here on 11/4/15. No edits were made beyond the removal of images that were no longer accessible.] Diamond’s stricter policy on pre-orders causing ripples throughout the industry Back in September, Diamond Comics Distributors made some waves with their announcement of a stricter policy regarding minimum […]