Buzzscope/CBC Editorial Office

My “inbox”: The stack on the top left is everything I’ve read recently but not reviewed, either for Buzzscope of CBC Quickees. Approx. 15 comics deep is where intended reviews go to die. 🙁 The stack on the top right, underneath the New York Times‘ Infinite Crisis article, is mostly completed mini-series and story arcs […]

CBC Quickees: Home Sick Edition

Can’t title these by the previous Wednesday anymore since my posting schedule and To Read pile are wildly out of sync. Been home sick most of this week, though, and have been able to cut the pile almost in half. Rocketo #1 and XIII #1 are still buried at the bottom, and I’m thinking I’ve […]

CBC INFO: Ch-ch-ch-changes…

Just a little heads-up on some changes afoot here at CBC. Most significant, in terms of content, is that I will no longer be posting current reviews, including ménage à trois, or interviews here. The Editor is a megalomaniacal control freak who insists on… Oh, wait, wrong site! I’m the Editor here! Seriously, though, last […]