So You Have a Platform; Now What?

And now blogging is — and very shortly became — something people do do because they are ambitious. –Lizzie Skurnick When all is said and done, one of my personal highlights from 2010 will undoubtedly be the “Why Keep Blogging?” panel I participated on at SXSW, partly because it was a great session that was … Continue reading So You Have a Platform; Now What?

BEA 2010: Maybe it’s just me?

BEA is North America’s largest gathering of book trade professionals, typically attracting between 20,000 – 30,000 people. Book industry professionals who attend BEA include: booksellers (independent, specialty, and chain); book distributors; marketing and publicity professionals; editors, agents; scouts.  BEA is also attended by assorted film and TV professionals and is covered widely by the media … Continue reading BEA 2010: Maybe it’s just me?

Our Bookshelves Are Over-Flowing With Books

On Wednesday night, I helped organize and participated in Digital Book World’s second 7x20x21 event at the Bowery Poetry Club, and I had an amazing time! “Return of the Optimists” was co-hosted by the dynamic duo (and two of my publishing partners in crime), Ami Greko and Ryan Chapman, and the other 5 presenters — … Continue reading Our Bookshelves Are Over-Flowing With Books

Generalization Fail

When you’re ranting about the evils of “Big Publishing”, it helps to remember that for every My Life Outside the Ring, there’s also Boneshaker, and The Poetry of Pablo Neruda, and the entire First Second catalog! All of those happen to fall under the Macmillan umbrella. I’m not saying publishing isn’t all screwed up right … Continue reading Generalization Fail

eBooks: The False Dilemma

People will continue to read printed books for a long time, just as some people still watch movies on VHS. But the printed book will be “dead” in a few short years in the sense that the bulk of the adoption curve, the pragmatic majority, will have moved on. –Arvind Narayanan, “The death of the … Continue reading eBooks: The False Dilemma