Josh Gracin. Why does this twangy fool irritate me so? I’ve been Googling him to get some more information on his status and it’s all annoyingly vague and largely supportive. It’s disgusting that this guy is living it up in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, “pursuing his dream,” supposedly using his leave-time to remain … Continue reading

I’ve found Calista Flockhart’s dirty little secret: GASTROENTERITIS. With it, you, too, can lose 7 punds in just ONE weekend. No exercise required, other than the muscles used to regurgitate everything from the night before out of your mouth and any leftovers out the other end. Yeah, I had a wonderful weekend! Stomach’s still roiling … Continue reading

A Curatorial Rant

Back when I was single and just starting out on the poetry scene, I quickly learned one rule of thumb: no matter how attractive, never introduce yourself to a poet until AFTER you’ve heard them read. There’s nothing more awkward than the moment they finish their poem, you realize they’re absolutely terrible – or, even … Continue reading A Curatorial Rant

Charging the choir for a sermon

Call me cynical – you wouldn’t be the first! – but I’ve got some issues with this Lincoln Center Anti-War reading next Monday. And no, it’s got nothing to do with it being ON a Monday. I’ve encouraged people to check it out and even sent it out to our mailing list. It was actually … Continue reading Charging the choir for a sermon