On self-discipline and self-flagellation

The most difficult aspect of writing, for me, has always been the self-discipline required to write every day, no matter what. I simply don’t have any. (Not just for writing, either, but that’s a whole other post!) There are a number of legitimate reasons excuses I could put forward to explain why it’s so difficult to … Continue reading On self-discipline and self-flagellation

Spindle State of Mind

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s 2008 already and that Spindle‘s official launch is less than 36 hours away! I spent a lot of time this weekend preparing the content for Tuesday’s update, sending off the last of a handful of acceptances and rejections, the latter of which have gotten no easier since the first one … Continue reading Spindle State of Mind

2007 Recap Meme

{meme in which one takes the first line of the first post from each month and looks at it as a summary of the year. and is a little stunned at the results. NOTE: [My Vox] blog didn’t start until March so the first two months are from Comic Book Commentary.} January: In the most glaring sign … Continue reading 2007 Recap Meme

Short-short #2: Establishing Shot

The café is small and non-descript, on the first floor of a faux brownstone in the faceless part of Greenwich Village. A railroad space with access to the backyard, also small, where an old greenhouse roof with most of the roof panels missing, offers a quiet refuge from the outside world. The cuisine is South … Continue reading Short-short #2: Establishing Shot