Election 2008: D&D Style

This might be one of the funniest — if narrowly targeted — spoofs of the election I’ve seen so far: HILARY: C’mon you guys, I’ve been playing this shit since Gygax was in eighth grade.  Why can’t I be the party leader with the magic sword for once? MCCAIN: Because no one wants to see […]

Hope vs. Cynicism

I’m a pretty cynical person most days, but I have a couple of good friends who make me look like the love-child of Mother Theresa and Gandhi. One of them emailed me today asking me to convince him about Obama: “C’mon Guy, if anyone can sell me, it’s you….do your worse…..convince me why I’m not just settling […]

If I Had to Vote Republican

Random thoughts on tonight’s Republican Debate (live-blogging): The format of the debate, with Brian Williams and Tim Russert asking specific questions with little follow-up or interaction from the other candidates makes things a little stilted. [ETA: This got better as the night wore on.] I was surprised and glad to see Ron Paul on the […]

I Believe, and I’m All In

Barack Obama pulled off something special last night with his impressive victory in the Iowa caucuses, and while I’m always reluctant to declare “history in the making” while still in the moment, it’s hard not to get caught up in the glorious potential of that moment. This moment. “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can […]