Fun With Reviews

I posted my aforementioned review of Combat Zone: True Tales of GI’s in Iraq, Vol. 1 TP to yesterday, as I do with anything I review that they happen to sell, and have already received two emails about it from people not thrilled with what I wrote. (Mind you, in the 2+ plus years […]

Review: DEMO #1-12

[EDIT: Welcome, Larry Young fans! Be sure to also check out my response to what brought you here, here.] I have to admit to having an extreme aversion to hype. I call it the American Beauty-syndrome, in reference to the inexplicable amount of praise that overrated retread of suburban dysfunction received. I saw it three […]

Right-Wing Comics Conspiracy!

For all those who scoff at anything that even remotely suggests so-called “conspiracy theories,” believing they’re all far-fetched fictions made up by paranoid whack-jobs, here’s a little something to chew on: right-wingers looking to inflitrate comic books! At Bill Jemas’ zenith as President of Marvel Comics he commissioned “4/11,” also known as The White Album, […]

Cannibalism is nutritious

“War is good for the economy…like cannibalism is nutritious.” In related news: U.S. stocks rally as oil drops to two-week lows Wednesday August 25, 1:35 pm ET By Mark Cotton NEW YORK (CBS.MW) — U.S. stocks gained ground in afternoon trading Wednesday, buoyed by fresh drop in oil prices to two-week lows. Crude for October […]