Poem-A-Day Challenge: Days 20-22

I’m way behind again, the furthest yet, and am “cheating” a little bit to catch up by going with only one of the PAD prompts I missed (Day 21) and two from the Acentos Writers Workshop I facilitated today. I’m still commited to making 30/30 by the end of the month, but from here on […]

Poem-A-Day Challenge: Days 16-19

I’m falling behind more frequently as the month progresses, but still trying to stick to the 30/30 goal instead of combining a few prompts into a single poem. Every one of my NaPoWriMo poems has been a first draft, but these four are especially so. Prompt: Pick a color, make that the title of your […]

Poem-A-Day Challenge: Day 13

Prompt: Write a poem that incorporates a hobby (either yours or someone else’s). THIRTEEN LINES “Hobby” is a loaded word, literally defined as a distraction from necessary evils, a┬ápleasurable pursuit stopped short of sin, but Monday nights were no more hobby than a Christian’s Sunday morning service, the open mic a confessional, poets, a full-throated […]