This is the moment

[Liveblogging throughout the day, because I want to remember as much of this as possible…] 11:45pm: Wow. President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama. Drop the “elect” and it rolls off the tongue. I’m kind of speechless, actually. It’s all over but the big speech; a speech that, after a string of amazing speeches, will be the biggest … Continue reading This is the moment

Buyer’s Remorse

Happy Halloween Originally uploaded by bloomfieldguy Actually, not at all. It’s been five months since we bought the house, four months since we moved in, and excepting the unexpected $1,000 expense to fix a leak in the living room ceiling coming from the upstairs bathroom, homeownership in the ‘burbs has been quite the enjoyable experience. … Continue reading Buyer’s Remorse

Apology Unnecessary

There’s a bit of a tempest in a teapot happening over at Montclair State University thanks to a “controversial” episode of the Keith Knight comic strip, The K Chronicles, that was published last week in the student newspaper, the Montclarion, and included the word “nigger”. Twice! Well, kind of… Seemingly lost on most of those … Continue reading Apology Unnecessary

Election 2008: D&D Style

This might be one of the funniest — if narrowly targeted — spoofs of the election I’ve seen so far: HILARY: C’mon you guys, I’ve been playing this shit since Gygax was in eighth grade.  Why can’t I be the party leader with the magic sword for once? MCCAIN: Because no one wants to see … Continue reading Election 2008: D&D Style