Spindle: February ’08

In the midst of all the political blogging I’ve been doing lately, I had a Spindle update looming on the calendar for today and stole time here and there over the past two weeks to sift through the surprisingly steady stream of submissions that have come in since last month. I was worried in mid-January […]

Borders’ Open-Door Poetry

Borders — partnering with The Student Publishing Program, one of the top high school writing programs in the country — has launched an interesting new online program promoting poetry called Open-Door Poetry: “Open-Door Poetry” is for anyone who has ever wanted to communicate to others in some way while opening the door for viewers to […]

Spindle State of Mind

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s 2008 already and that Spindle‘s official launch is less than 36 hours away! I spent a lot of time this weekend preparing the content for Tuesday’s update, sending off the last of a handful of acceptances and rejections, the latter of which have gotten no easier since the first one […]

Accepted: Gnome

This just in: Guy: I will accept “Change of Direction” for the next issue of Gnome (http://gnome.asteriusonline.com ) best for the new year, JCE Since I submitted this back in November, I’ll count this as partial credit towards my 2008 goal of having three poems published (or accepted) by the end of December! Yay me!

Help Wanted: Comics Promoters?

Comics Should Be Good offered an essay yesterday by the extremely likeable comics creator Jimmie Robinson that, in his own typically rambling style, makes a good point but lays the “blame” at the wrong doorstop: If you’re reading this, that alone makes you exceptional, makes you care about the medium of comics. You might even […]