It’s 2004 and we’re back home

So far so good…

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m hosting the second half of the Rev. Pietri fundraiser at the Bowery Poetry Club. Lot of great poets coming out including Amiri & Amina Baraka, Quincy Troupe, Emily XYZ, Bob Holman, Willie Perdomo, Cheryl Boyce Taylor, Danny Shot and many others. Come on out and support a good cause.

On a totally selfish note, I can finally shop at again as Borders has come to a tentative agreement with their striking workers and the boycott has been called off. Good timing, too, as D&D stuff is expensive, especially at list price! During the boycott, I did come across The Compleat Strategist, though, a store for gamers like Midtown Comics is for comic books. Nirvana! And a serious trip down memory lane – Gamma World, Marvel SuperHeroes, James Bond… No wonder I didn’t have a serious girlfriend until the 11th grade.

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