Buzzscope Reviews: 12/21/05

Thanks to the holidays and, partly, the NYC transit strike, it’s a light week for the weekly review roundup over at Buzzscope. Nevertheless, I managed to cover a few myself, including ELK’S RUN #4, IRON MAN: THE INEVITABLE #1 and, very briefly, INFINITE CRISIS #3. Check ’em out.

Also, check out Ronée’s latest column, “Well Grab My Tit and Call Me Liar!“, about allegations of sexual harassment/assault that, if true, could rock one of the industry’s most important organizations and, sadly, have ripple effects that would greatly endanger their mission in the short-term…at the least. The talkbacks are already getting a little heated, and I’ll be curious to see if anyone else picks up on the story.

An awkward happy holidays to all!

4 thoughts on “Buzzscope Reviews: 12/21/05

  1. Josh should just fucking hire you as his PR man, Guy. It’s awesome, you’ve turned tons of kids onto this book…

    Actually, I should hire you when Descent comes out. 😉

  2. Well, marketing is my 9-to-5, but sincerity helps. You don’t see me pimping Black Panther any more, now do you? :-O

    I must say, though, I have been tempted to pull an Ian Feller and start up my own marketing consulting service…but then I remember most comics creators are broke and couldn’t afford me, so what’s the point? Better to just pimp those I love.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Guy, and thanks to Chris for checking it out. We will win their hearts and minds. And, in theory, not have to blow anything up in the process.

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