The Future of Publishing is Bright

Six months ago, Digital Book World didn't exist. And yet, 48 hours ago I had the honor of giving the closing remarks at the end of our first annual Digital Book World Conference. Simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted, I communicated most of what I'd hoped to say, but I wanted to reiterate and expand upon it here (and share my slides) because it was a message not just for those in attendance, but for everyone working in this industry that I'm so passionate and optimistic about.

On DBW, SXSWi, Upcoming Gigs and Steampunk

You’re losing control of your own destiny. Authors, distributors and readers are getting closer to each other. --Shiv Singh, Engaging Readers in the Digital Age Three weeks ago, when I last posted something here, I was on the verge of completely disappearing into Digital Book World, both the conference and the community that spun out … Continue reading On DBW, SXSWi, Upcoming Gigs and Steampunk

It’s Hard Out Here for a Pragmatic Optimist

"Publishing was never a business based on Wharton standards. It was a rich boy’s hobby." –Steve Wasserman (Kneerim & Williams) Working in publishing isn't for the meek. Neither is writing for that matter. They're two things I'm really passionate about, though, and I've always counted myself lucky to work in the publishing industry, despite the … Continue reading It’s Hard Out Here for a Pragmatic Optimist

Reflections on, Takeaways from #eBookSummit

"I suppose we could sum up this entire two-day conference under the headline 'too early to tell.'" --Steve Wasserman (Kneerim & Williams) I attended MediaBistro's eBook Summit this week and Wasserman's summation is perfect; consumer book publishing is smack in the middle of the digital transition, and solid answers about how it will all play … Continue reading Reflections on, Takeaways from #eBookSummit

Your Tools Don’t Matter (Or, Why I Love My Job!)

Why is it that with over 60 years of improvements in cameras, lens sharpness and film grain, resolution and dynamic range that no one has been able to equal what Ansel Adams did back in the 1940s? Ken Rockwell, Your Camera Doesn't Matter First, disclosure: this post is primarily about the day job and is … Continue reading Your Tools Don’t Matter (Or, Why I Love My Job!)