Christopher Nolan’s Joker Problem

No matter who wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor three weeks from now, Christopher Nolan has a serious dilemma in front of him as he decides where to go with his inevitable third installment in the juggernaut Batman franchise. To Joker, or Not To Joker? Even if he hadn't received a single award nomination … Continue reading Christopher Nolan’s Joker Problem

Random Reviews: Inkheart, Wanted, Chalk

We've been having a lot of Blockbuster nights since we bought the house last summer, while managing to catch whatever kid-friendly movies worth seeing in theaters whenever possible, and I've been reviewing a lot of them on Flixster but wanted to round up the most recent batch and post them here, including expanded commentary on … Continue reading Random Reviews: Inkheart, Wanted, Chalk

How Wonderful Is It?

[youtube:] It's A Wonderful Life is one of my all-time favorite movies, and the New York Times has a nice Critic's Pick video (which they won't let you embed!) with A. O. Scott talking about "the dark undercurrents of the holiday classic" that often go overlooked. Back in 1996, when I was publishing my short-lived … Continue reading How Wonderful Is It?