Spindle: New Content for March

Just in time for our impromptu open mic/party tonight — Spindle gets a little bit LOUDER — I’ve posted another round of great content up on Spindle for your reading pleasure! * New poetry by Celeste Doaks, Don Pomerantz and Jacob Rakovan * New short fiction by Diane Simmons and David Winter With this latest … Continue reading Spindle: New Content for March

Why Your Book Will Never Be in Borders

The odds are pretty slim, and not just because they’re on the verge of going out of business: “I market books for a living, so I can tell you an unpleasant truth: the order for any book, from any account, starts at zero,” [Andrew Wheeler, a marketing manager at Wiley] warns. “The publisher’s sales rep … Continue reading Why Your Book Will Never Be in Borders

March Madness

No, it’s not the basketball tournament…it’s the one-week-late March edition of your favorite NYC-centric literary journal, Spindle Magazine! Log on now for new poetry by Roger Bonair-Agard, Gerard Sarnat, Jeanann Verlee and Beverly Wilkinson; short fiction by Tim Clancy; and creative non-fiction by Anne Germanacos. Plus, keep an eye out next week for our featured … Continue reading March Madness

Last night at the Slam

It’s been a while since I judged a slam (publicly, at least!), especially at 13 where I know several of the regulars personally, so I was surprised when Lynne asked me to judge last night’s open slam. I was happy to do it as a critical listening exercise, though, because I think my ears have … Continue reading Last night at the Slam

Spindle: February ’08

In the midst of all the political blogging I’ve been doing lately, I had a Spindle update looming on the calendar for today and stole time here and there over the past two weeks to sift through the surprisingly steady stream of submissions that have come in since last month. I was worried in mid-January … Continue reading Spindle: February ’08