Outrage, Humor, Context

David Brothers was one of the smartest comics bloggers on the scene a few years back when I was at my peak of following the industry, and he’s remained one of the few whom I still follow despite my current pull list being a shadow of its former self. [Side note: Have to get to … Continue reading Outrage, Humor, Context

This is the moment

[Liveblogging throughout the day, because I want to remember as much of this as possible…] 11:45pm: Wow. President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama. Drop the “elect” and it rolls off the tongue. I’m kind of speechless, actually. It’s all over but the big speech; a speech that, after a string of amazing speeches, will be the biggest … Continue reading This is the moment

When politics gets personal for Latinos

In reality, politics are without question a very personal matter but, partly due to the media’s focus on the horserace aspect of elections and partly due to the candidates often allowing themselves to be defined by labels (or at the least, trying to marginalize their opponents with them), most political debate occurs from a safe, impersonal distance. … Continue reading When politics gets personal for Latinos

International Delete Your Myspace Account Day

[via Bloggasm, with a hat tip to Nick Mamatas]  If you’re reading this and you’ve experienced any of the things on the list below, your account may be in need of deletion: 1. You rarely log in to Myspace except to delete spam friend requests from nude webcam girls. 2. You spend five minutes writing … Continue reading International Delete Your Myspace Account Day