Top 5 Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty Songs


5. Bright Lights (More Than You Think You Are, Matchbox Twenty)

And maybe, maybe, maybe
You’ll find something thats enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don’t receive you
You should turn yourself around and come on home

4. Something To Be (Something To Be, Rob Thomas)

Play another one of those heartbreak songs
Tell another story how things go wrong
And they never get back
My pain is a platinum stack
Take that shit back
You don’t wanna be me when it all goes wrong
You don’t wanna see me with the houselights on

3. Hand Me Down (More Than You Think You Are, Matchbox Twenty)

Some day they’ll open up your world
Shake it down on a drawing board
Do their best to change you
They still can’t erase you

2. If You’re Gone (Mad Season, Matchbox Twenty)

I think you’re so mean – I think we should try
I think I could need – this in my life
I think Im just scared – I think too much
I know this is wrong its a problem Im dealing

1. Unwell (More Than You Think You Are, Matchbox Twenty)

All night hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something

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