Online vs. Print Reality Check

Buried in a glowing American Journalism Review article about the success of The Politico — a politics-only news website that launched a couple of years ago and is getting 25 million page views/month — is the fact that 60% of its revenue comes from its laser-targeted, thrice-weekly 27,000 circ print edition, without which, the site […]

BroadAcres’ Bustling Business A Boon?

Taxes are pretty much Greek to me, especially property taxes, but as I understand them, a viable commercial tax base is critical for keeping residential property taxes down and is theoretically one of the reasons moving forward on the redevelopment of Bloomfield Center is such a critical issue. (Assuming, of course, that the plan isn’t loaded with the […]

Radio Silence & Recommended Reading

I’m flying down to Virginia tomorrow morning for a long weekend and will be avoiding certain parts of the internet (guess which?) as much as possible while I’m there. Here’s some several-times-daily sites I’ll be missing out on that I highly recommend you bookmark and check regularly: Andrew Sullivan:  My favorite blog of them all, hands-down, Sullivan […]