Adios, Nueva York

CITY LIMITS’ September/October 2004 issue has a timely article, Adios, Nueva York, about the Puerto Rican exodus from New York City during the last decade. According to the 2000 census, NYC lost 10% of its Puerto Rican population between 1990-2000! While many left for the island, a significant number have headed to surprising destinations like […]

For the last time…?

Truth or hyperbole? I’ve learned to never say never but in all likelihood, Wednesday, August 4th will be the last time I appear on stage as a featured poet. I fell into the slam scene on a lark back in the summer of 1997, competing in my first Friday night slam at the Nuyorican Poets […]

This is for Bassey

Dear you, Since mid-1997, the New York City poetry slam scene has been more or less at the center of my life. Though more right-of-center these days, and considerably less significant in the bigger picture, there’s two things I will always cherish about the experience: founding a little bit louder, and the Friends I’ve made. […]

What’s next?

Y-A-W-N!!! Monday night out and a 3-hour meeting starting at 8am don’t mix. Hit 13 for the first time in months (lost track but it’s at least six) and had an…ah, interesting night. Always good to see Maureen who kept my glass so full that I actually had to pace myself for once. Early morning […]

RIP: Pedro Pietri

Woke up this morning / feeling excellent! / Picked up the telephone / dialed the number / Of my equal opportunity / employer to inform him / I will not be in / to work today! / Are you feeling sick? / the Boss asked me, / “No Sir” I replied, / I am feeling […]