For the last time…?

Truth or hyperbole?

I’ve learned to never say never but in all likelihood, Wednesday, August 4th will be the last time I appear on stage as a featured poet.

I fell into the slam scene on a lark back in the summer of 1997, competing in my first Friday night slam at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe on August 8, 1997. In the years since, I’ve attended four National Poetry Slams, written a lot, met a lot of people, visited places I wouldn’t have otherwise, got married, had two kids, returned to the Bronx [twice!], and tapped into a side of myself that had been previously living under wraps.

I daresay I went from simply calling myself a writer to finally becoming one.

Coincidentally, that same week I took the stage on that fateful Friday night, the National Poetry Slam was taking place. Next week, the National Poetry Slam will be happening again, and this time I’ll be featuring at a little bar in the South Bronx that’s become my second home over the past 16 months.

A good friend of mine believes in circles and I’ve been feeling lately like this particular circle is past ready to be completed, and I believe the Blue Ox is the most appropriate place to do it.

No idea at this point what kind of set I’ll do as 20 minutes isn’t nearly enough time to pay homage to the past while acknowledging the sporadic bubblings of the recent present. If you’re in town that night, though, I’d be incredibly honored if you’d come by.

One thought on “For the last time…?

  1. I just wantto say you fucking suck. How about making it the ” snd to last time”?. I am going to be at Nationals and will miss your feature. You know I have mad love for you and have ” a little ” respect for ya.

    You do that thing son



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