Is the Future of Publishing…GOOD?

The bad news in the publishing industry didn’t let up last week as reports of cutbacks and layoffs and dramatically decreased revenues continued to pour in, and TheMediaIsDying tweeted every depressing bit of it, from major publications to small local radio stations, the rare bit of positive news they offered up paling in comparison. One … Continue reading Is the Future of Publishing…GOOD?

The Mind Reels

With only a few days remaining for last-minute surprises, 2008 has been one for the books on so many levels — personally, professionally, globally — the mind truly does reel. And reels, and reels, and reels… perhaps somehow what I imagine bonefishing might be like? (h/t to one of my newfound loves of the year, … Continue reading The Mind Reels

Outrage, Humor, Context

David Brothers was one of the smartest comics bloggers on the scene a few years back when I was at my peak of following the industry, and he’s remained one of the few whom I still follow despite my current pull list being a shadow of its former self. [Side note: Have to get to … Continue reading Outrage, Humor, Context

A Beautiful Day

This morning’s sustained exhilaration has been tempered somewhat by the remnants of intolerance as it appears California has narrowly passed Proposition 8, stripping gay couples of the right to marry, largely on the strength of opposition from blacks who voted for it by more than a 2:1 margin. Arizona and Florida passed similar bans, the … Continue reading A Beautiful Day