Do Publishers Still Need Authors?

Just as many entrepreneurs no longer need venture capitalists to launch their companies, authors no longer need publishers to publish. Mark Coker, Do Authors Still Need Publishers? Picture this: In the future, as the risks of publishing shift from the publisher to the author, publishers will be able to invest in technologies that allow them […]

Are Publishers Too White to Survive? Who Cares!

A recent meeting with two Caucasian well-respected literary agent friends of mine cemented that concern when one announced, “We’re all the same, [people the publishing industry]. We’re all white, we’re all over-educated, Ivy-leaguers, many of whom are trust fund babies.” Jeff Rivera, Declining Book Sales? WTF? Seriously? This is apparently going to be remembered as […]

New Media’s Credibility Problem

By offering consumers a low cost digital product, the economics of ebooks create a virtuous, self-reinforcing cycle. The low price expands the available market by making it affordable to more consumers; low production and distribution expenses allow the publisher to earn a healthy margin; and the larger addressable market allows publishers to sell more units […]

Marketing Should be Fun(damental)

Marketers have spammed, lied, deceived, cluttered and ripped us off for so long, we’re sick of it. –Seth Godin I love coaching Little League baseball. This is my son’s third year playing and I’ve been fortunate enough to coach his team each year, experiencing first-hand the beauty of playing baseball for no other reason than […]