Goodbye Borders, Hello Kindle?

Things are looking shakier by the day for Borders, with GalleyCat now reporting that a Major Distributor Raises Concerns about their financial situation: GalleyCat has received a copy of a “special alert” sent from a major book distributor specializing in independent publishers to its clients, warning them that Borders, whose financial difficulties are widely recognized, […]

COMMENT: Men of Tomorrow, Today?

I’ve had Gerard Jones’ enthralling must-read, MEN OF TOMORROW, on my mind a lot the past few days, thanks as much to the Speakeasy fiasco as my general feelings about the comics industry lately. So much of what I see happening with seemingly naive creators getting screwed over by inept publishers with big plans and […]

COMMENT: Dawson Ditches Speakeasy

After ending 2005 with a flurry of bad press, fledgling indie publisher, Speakeasy Comics, kicked off 2006 with the first of what was presumably going to be a string of big announcements which would reposition them as a player to be reckoned with in the industry: Rosario Dawson’s Occult Crimes Taskforce (O.C.T.) “Rosario Dawson is […]

In the Scope: Speakeasy Shakes Things Up

[This post was retrieved via the Wayback Machine and archived here on 11/4/15. No edits were made beyond the removal of images that were no longer accessible.] Diamond’s stricter policy on pre-orders causing ripples throughout the industry Back in September, Diamond Comics Distributors made some waves with their announcement of a stricter policy regarding minimum […]