Your Entitlement Slip is Showing

Among the most tiresome memes dominating the publishing world right now — memes that I’ve admittedly contributed to at times — the worst are the self-righteous rants about self-publishing, Amazon, and the long-rumored death of print. There are the writers who think their publishers should be doing more for them while smugly looking down their noses at the writers willing to do it … Continue reading Your Entitlement Slip is Showing

Is the Future of Publishing…GOOD?

The bad news in the publishing industry didn’t let up last week as reports of cutbacks and layoffs and dramatically decreased revenues continued to pour in, and TheMediaIsDying tweeted every depressing bit of it, from major publications to small local radio stations, the rare bit of positive news they offered up paling in comparison. One … Continue reading Is the Future of Publishing…GOOD?

Twitter Tips for Writers

I raved about my former Writer’s Digest colleague, Maria Schneider, a couple of weeks back — towards the end of a long rambling post that no one but my wife probably read — because she’s put together one of the best websites for writers out there at She’s not only producing some great content including … Continue reading Twitter Tips for Writers

Is Print Advertising Dead?

Check out @themediaisdying on Twitter for a glimpse at the convulsions of an industry that’s either at death’s door or, for the more optimistically inclined, in the midst of a violent but necessary transformation. I’ve worked in magazine publishing for 15 years now — consumer, B2B and non-profit — and as has been noted pretty much … Continue reading Is Print Advertising Dead?

Blowing smoke, breaking mirrors

A couple of jobs back, when I still worked only in marketing, I used to joke around with an ebiz friend about which of us had the bigger “smoke and mirrors” job.  I developed media kits, sell sheets and emails to promote our wares, and fought with our emedia department tooth and nail on developing … Continue reading Blowing smoke, breaking mirrors