Comics Publishers Recognize Digital Opportunity

If there’s one area of publishing where the “game-changing” hype around the iPad has substance, it’s comic books. While comics have been in digital formats, legally and otherwise, for years, few would argue that Apple’s sleek tablet is the first platform to offer an optimal digital reading and purchasing experience, from comiXology’s innovative Guided View … Continue reading Comics Publishers Recognize Digital Opportunity

Can Digital Expand the Audience for Comic Books?

From a fragile network of brick-and-mortar direct market retailers and the often fickle tastes of hardcore, social media-savvy fans, to online piracy and the tantalizing possibilities of the iPad, comic books have been out on the bleeding edge of the digital transition for years. While some comics publishers have had success expanding beyond the limited … Continue reading Can Digital Expand the Audience for Comic Books?

Killer iPad Apps: ComiXology

It’s been two weeks since Steve Jobs’ “magical and revolutionary” device officially went from fascinating Rorschach test to tangible consumer appliance, and while some of the hype around it being the savior of book, magazine and newspaper publishing has thankfully died down, there’s no debating that Apple’s App Store has had a significant impact on … Continue reading Killer iPad Apps: ComiXology