David Wells is going down tonight like a fat drunk in a bar fight with a midget. Oh, wait. That WAS David Wells! Let’s go Marlins!!!!!!!!! In other news, Bard was a bust so I’m looking for something else to read. Got about 10 pages in and just couldn’t get into Llywelyn’s style of writing. […]

Smallville is the best dramatic adaptation of a comic book to ever appear on TV. Don’t hate, appreciate. Just started watching it again a few weeks ago after missing the latter half of the first season and the first half of this season and what they’ve managed to develop over that time makes for one […]

Got a job?

“Third time’s a charm,” is how the saying goes. I hope so since I had my third interview in seven days this afternoon! It was a final interview with the one person in the department I hadn’t met yet and it’s apparently come down to me and one other person. Relatively confident in the interviews […]