And so it begins…

Ahem…1-2, 1-2. Mic check. So, this is Blogger? Cool.

A year ago today, I loaded a U-Haul truck full to the back door and we headed south on I-95, Virginia or bust. It’s been about six weeks since we’ve been back in NY so I guess you’d have to say bust! Seriously, though, the truth of the matter is that while our intentions were good – slower pace to raise Isaac, spend more time with each other, etc – we were at least 10 years ahead of schedule for the supposed American Dream. Michele K. put it best saying “backyards are overrated.” I like to say that, while the grass was greener, the trees were stunted and the air a little stale. To each his own, though. It’s not a bad place, just wasn’t the place for us.

Some good things came out of the move, though, not the least of which is my daughter, India, born in Norfolk, VA on Friday, October 4, 2002 @ 4:45am! I also got closer to my mother than I’ve been in ages, made an interesting, if short term, career change and made a few good friends, one of whom even moved to NY! I’ve got stories that I’ll drop on you from time to time but I’ve got clothes to fold and Isaac to get ready for bed.

I’ve been Mr. Mom since Christmas week and it’s been an interesting transition from the mind-numbing, soul-crushing slave hours I was putting in as a financial advisor for American Express. Anyone that thinks it’s a hassle to stay at home with your kids is a moron. It’s hard work, no doubt, but I’d take it any day over some suck-ass job working for corporate America. It’s not a new idea, I know, but shit, if only you got paid for this! Figuring out your schedule is the big challenge but, once you realize that you’re working with your kids’ schedule, not vice versa, you start finding your way pretty quick. Of course, work beckons very soon as we need to get back on our feet and find our own place. All things in time…

Anyway, not that exciting a beginning, I know, but I think I’m officially hooked. I promise it’ll get interesting pretty quick. Lord help me! Or you?

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