“A metaphorically transcribed poem.”

“I Killed Biggie Smalls” UPDATE: one of the people emailed back saying my poem had been posted in a forum on www.notoriousonline.com – a fan site for B.I.G. – and caused a bit of a hubbub. I logged in to check it out and apparently somebody had come across the poem and posted it, asking “what’s up with that?!?” to which someone else responded, “Could this be a metaphorically produced poem?” (Stop laughing!) Someone else posts my name and email address and says, “I say we email this sucka and ask him wassup.” (I said stop it!) Two of them did, one posting my reply which generated this comment from the other: “I got the same reply back from the author. He might have some deep thoughts but that was just distrurbing at first. I was thinking this was a metaphorically transcribed poem. I’ve learned from Biggies death, which is obvious…jealousy took the man physically down but not mentally.”

Um…what exactly is “a metaphorically transcribed poem” anyway? LOL! Seriously, though, it’s nice to see the piece generated the discomfort I’d intended. Goes to show you never know who’s listening in the audience or where your words will end up.

In other news, SIMCITY 3000 is like a black hole into which large chunks of my time have been lost forever since I bought the damn thing on Friday. I really should know better. The original SIMCITY kept me up for hours on end when I first played it back in 1994. (Was it really THAT long ago?!?!) The game is like a drug, tapping into the pleasure center of my brain (that part that likes to control things!) and refusing to let go. I actually had to walk away from the computer the other night and have Salomé shut it down because I couldn’t make myself stop tweaking my city. This latest version has some cool twists that I think are new, like ordinances to control the types of industries that are encouraged, or discouraged and alternative power sources like windmills. I’m going to try a socially-responsible utopia to see if it’s doable in the Sim world. I may be a dictator but I’m a benevolent one!

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