I get some of the most random emails from time to time. My favorites are the ones from high school and college students asking permission to use a poem of mine – usually Breathless – in their forensics competitions. A couple of times a week, I still get emails concerning the show at Bar 13 that I used to run on Monday nights. I always answer what I can while letting them know I no longer run the show and cc: the current curators so they can help them out further.

Earlier this week, I got one such email, a humorous query from someone looking for a certain poet that used to read at 13 a couple of years back. I say humorous because the poet in question was pretty awful (remember Fishy Smell?) but the guy that was looking for him thought he was the best thing ever. To each his own, I responded, respectfully disagreeing with his take on said poet, informing him that I no longer run the series at Bar 13 and cc:d the current curators.

One of them – who shall remain nameless, literally and figuratively, less to protect their identity than to keep myself from being anymore pissed off about the events of the past six months – responded to him directly. It wasn’t until he responded to me that I saw the curator’s typically curt response that included the following gem:

“Please note that while Guy Le Charles was at one time a host for our series, he’s no longer, in any way, affiliated with the series or the louderARTS Project.”

Revisionist history? Petty bullshit? You make the call.

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