Today’s radio gig went well. Fish, Oscar, Rich, Ed and myself representing for Acentos on Louis Reyes Rivera’s weekly WBAI show, Perspective.

Rivera is like the Yoda of poetry. Tiny old guy, his eyes practically drip wisdom, history clinging to his brown skin – he’s the closest thing to an actual griot I’ve ever met. He even carries a crooked staff!

We each read a couple of poems, talked about Acentos, hinted at the coming of the LWA (aka, Latino/a Writers Alliance) and joked off-mike about how we were like the new Menudo. Or New Kids on el Bloque. Or, my favorite, En Cinco. Rich claimed Joey Fatone and I think Ed’s the most likely Justin Timberlake (it’s all about the hair). I’ll have to claim JC Chasez as I refuse to be Lance or Chris!

Later, I’m meeting up with Daphne Gottlieb for a drink before her feature at Urbana – Acentos is considering bumrushing the slam! – and then hope to find an anti-Yankee bar to catch the end of game 2, hoping it’s more Return of the Jedi than Empire Strikes Back.

NOTE: If you’re wondering why you didn’t know about the WBAI gig ahead of time, you must not be on my mailing list, and you’re certainly not on the list! 😉

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