Your Weekly Horoscope for Oct 13 to 19

Dear Guy,

Talking and getting your message across in the right way is of real importance this week, especially as Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, makes some powerful aspects. At the start of the week, it trines Neptune and squares Saturn, which means you need to be extra vigilant when communicating with anyone about anything that is really important. There is a good chance that you could easily be talked into something that ties you into a long-term commitment, which is not really to your benefit. You would be losing out rather than gaining. So don’t sign or agree to anything until you really know what you are letting yourself in for. If you have sensitive matters to discuss with others, don’t jump to hasty conclusions, but take every care to try and see their point of view. This is very much the case whether you are dealing with business or romantic matters, so be vigilant. Mercury sextiles Pluto, so you may also find yourself involved in a matter that could change certain aspects of your experience for the better. If you can let go of the old and embrace the new, you will have much to smile about. Especially if you have not been getting along too well with a friend or partner. Be prepared to leave your pride behind, and allow a miracle to occur.


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