Pumpkin Seeds: 10/15/2003

350 pages into AMERICAN GODS and I’m thinking of Stephen King’s NEEDFUL THINGS. As in somebody desperately needs a good editor.

The first two episodes of Smallville this season have been as good as anything on TV in the past decade.

George Clooney has Parkinson’s. Look for the announcement within a year.

There’s absolutely nothing sexy about Pink. And yet, there is.

Cosmetic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons annoys me. As does relaxed hair, colored contacts and liposuction.

People without kids should NEVER offer advice about how to raise them.

What kind of upstanding business can you run in 1200 square feet that can regularly bring in at least $8000/month? In the Bronx?

Something about Jack McKeon just makes you want to root for the Marlins.

Something about Joe Torre just makes you want to root for the Red Sox.

Today: Red Sox 7, Yankees 3; Marlins 3, Cubs 2.

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