[A PS: to the whole Hussein thing, from a comment I posted elsewhere, re: admitting his capture (and overall downfall) was a good thing.]

Saddam=bad. No question. I doubt there are many that would argue that point.

I don’t believe in the ends justifying the means, though, especially when those means equal 456 dead Americans and counting.

Having served in the Army (active and National Guard) for 8 1/2 years, I don’t take lightly the realities of military life nor the gutless whims of those who’ve never served but would casually send others to their deaths. Every one of those 456 deaths represents a human being and resonates with me as if I personally knew every single one of them.

I also don’t believe in the hypocrisy of targetting Hussein while ignoring say, Saudi Arabia, for which there is ample (not to mention confirmed) evidence of their support of terrorism.

I give the soldiers their due credit for a job well done. Bush, however, deserves no credit for his flawed, arrogant policies that have made this their job.

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