Recommendations, please

There’s a good reason for the idea that you don’t discuss politics and religion in the company of strangers. Both can inspire passionate debates and sometimes, when facts and opinions aren’t necessarily equal on one or both sides, that passion can overflow into outright hostility. It can interfere with one’s sex life, too!

That said, I’m going to lay off the politics for at least a week – both here and in the physical world – to let my own emotions settle down a bit and come to terms with the fact that I can’t singlehandedly change people’s minds or force them to look beyond the surface – whether it’s defined by FOX News or the Village Voice.

Of course, that means I need something else to talk about! Stealing from LJ-land, I’d like your input. In the guestbook, hit me off with your recommendations for:

1. A non-poetry book I should read.

2. A non-political topic (I know, I know, everything’s political, but you know what I mean!) I should look into and rant about.

3. A journal not on my blogs of note list that I should check out regularly.

Along with your recommendations, tell me one thing about yourself that I don’t know about you but should. If I don’t know you at all, briefly introduce yourself. I’ll respond to all either in the guestbook or, if you come up with something really good, here in the journal itself.

I’ll be laying low for a couple of days, electronically at least, but will definitely be at Acentos on Tuesday to catch Raina Leon and all of my favorite poetry peeps at the best reading in the City. Word.

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