1. The Machiavellian Chronicles continue over coffee with my old boss this afternoon [Starbucks. She paid. I still feel guilty!] to discuss the current situation and the interesting direction it took earlier today. She’s the only one I actually trust and things could get very interesting as early as next week so I’m trying to place my pieces on the right squares and minimize the collateral damage. Drama!

2. On a related note, I got some well-timed rave reviews for the series of ads I did for our new Accounting books. I love it when a plan comes together!

3. The next Zogby poll numbers on the Presidential election will include my two cents! I’m the married Northeastern Independent that thinks very unfavorably of Bush and somewhat unfavorably of Kerry, and isn’t sure whom I’d vote for between Bush-Kerry-Nader but would take Kerry in a one-on-one with Bush. Hopefully there’s enough like me to send the Democrats an early warning.

4. Martha Stewart found guilty. Duh! The real mystery is whether or not that means a big sale at K-Mart on her stuff? We need new pots.

5. How many times can I listen to the Maroon 5 CD in one day? Currently on its seventh rotation – six at work and once this morning instead of the news – and counting.

6. I must get some writing done this weekend. Not editing. Writing. I also need to pull things together for our next D&D session on the 13th!

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