Pumpkin Seeds: 4/13/2004

1. There’s something about the concept of The Swan that really turns my stomach.

2. If George Huff isn’t in the top three of American Idol, America deserves a daily primetime version of The Swan.

3. Despite his accent, which is getting inexplicably stronger each week, I’m rooting for Boston Rob on Survivor: All Stars.

4. Anyone blaming Russell Simmons for “lowering the bar” in the slam scene via Def Poetry needs to do some soul-searching and question whether or not there’s a little latent racism to come to terms with.

5. Bad poetry sucks, regardless of its subject matter, approach or origin.

6. Anyone that chooses to take the stage and read a poem – whether on page or memorized, in a slam or open mic – has a bit of an ego.

7. I’ve never seen so many mullets in one place as I did yesterday at Shea Stadium.

8. I want to punch Quentin Tarantino dead in his face.

9. If Dubya is ever assassinated, I hope whomever does it is considerate enough to take out Cheney, too.

10. I throw stones because I don’t believe in glass houses.

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