A long and tiring, but ultimately fun weekend got off to a shaky start as I blew off the American Candidate deadline after busting my ass (and Ed’s, and Salomé’s) putting the audition tape together on Tuesday night. The day off Thursday threw my schedule out of whack and Friday at work was too hectic to get the application completed. If only they’d extend the deadline… 🙁

Saturday was such a beautiful day that it’s almost a shame we ended up spending most of it in the mall. Of course, this picture was the primary reason so it’s all good. The kids’ solo pics came out great, too.

We went a little crazy shopping and among other things, picked up a new DVD player for the bedroom. In the form of an Xbox! I feel like such a sellout, especially with Pokemon Colusseum looking like an amazing game, but Nintendo really blew it by going with a proprietary format that doesn’t play DVDs. Because really, that’s what it’s for! Though I did grab a used copy of Madden 2003, just in case some random free time pops up here and there!

With the mother-in-law still sick – aka no babysitter – I ended up hitting my cousin’s 40th birthday party alone that night, after the kids were settled down and in bed. It was a lot of fun getting to see family I haven’t seen in years, as well as some childhood friends from College Avenue. Made me want a big party this year for my 35th, too. I’d want to rent a place, though, as I always hate the thought of cleaning up the house after a big party. Also realized how completely out of touch I am with hip-hop as I recognized three whole songs that played all night!

Speaking of cleaning, we got the first half of our spring cleaning done on Sunday, rearranging the living room, going through the kids’ old clothes and generally realizing that, in less than a year, we’d expanded to fill our space. Comfortably so, fortunately, as the love affair with the apartment continues. It’s going to be hard justifying a “starter home” in the next year or two!

The weekend continues today with Opening Day at Shea Stadium. Hopefully the weather holds up.

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