Election 2004: I voted WFP

At 8:15am, I was the 24th person in my district to cast a vote, pulling the lever of compromise for the Kerry/Edwards ticket and Charles Schumer in Row E, the Working Families Party. A couple of other Democrats in local races got my vote, while several others running unopposed (or on both the Democrat and Republican lines) didn’t.

As of tomorrow, my party affiliation will officially transfer from “None” to the WFP.

Once the dust settles and we know who the President will be, the real work begins on a gameplan for the next four years. I intend to get more involved on the local level, starting with figuring out where the hell Isaac is going to school next year and hooking up with its parent association before the end of the winter.

NaNoWriMo word count, Day 1: 1209 (-458)

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