Am I just being cynical in thinking that much of the love being professed for Barack Obama rests a bit too precariously on the fact that he’s an articulate, well-spoken black man with a Great American Novel backstory? Because that’s all you ever hear about him in references to his purportedly being the future of the Democratic Party. Nothing about his record, or his stance on any particular issue, just how he wowed everyone with his speech at the DNC and how he’s of mixed racial background.

And if I am being cynical, does that mean I’m wrong?

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  1. I concur with your assessment. One of my girlfriends and I were talking about it last night. He is never going to be anything more than a Senator with a good story.

  2. Your point is very true. He does seem to be golden at the moment but it really does circulate around the fact that he is of mixed race and uplifted the DNC. If in fact he does decide to run for higher office I have no doubt that the GOP with focus on his record or lack thereof in the eyes of the people. Meaning few outside of IL know more about him then the aforementioned. Maybe his advisors are just basking in the current light to get his name out there however that may be. Later on down the road he is really going to have to get his accomplishments out there or any chances of climbing the ladder will be null.


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