An early Xmas gift for Mets fans? Or more Tom Glavine-style coal in our stocking?

Only time will tell, but for now, I’m pretty happy about it.

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  1. As if I wasn’t already a full-fledged Yankees fan, this just takes me from being sympathetic to the Hapless Mets’ plight, to despising them almost as much as I despise the Red Sox….or dare I say….you depise the Yankees. Touchee sir…It’s on….MCS

    P.S. Don’t ever even think of making a run at my fantasy trophy again!!! Whose league?!?! MY LEAGUE!!!

  2. Guy…$38 million over 3 years for a six-inning pitcher? I just don’t get it. That’s exactly why I’m glad he didn’t go to the Yankees.


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