Pumpkin Seeds: Seven Days “Post-Op” Edition

1. I really hope the idea that how you start the New Year reflects the tone the rest of it will take is way off base.

2. Trip #4 to the ER yesterday included an excruciating round of poking and prodding of the wound – literally, a pair of surgical scissors stuck up in there and opened in various spots to encourage more drainage. The doctor really wanted me to take the anesthesia this time but the memory of the burning was still too vivid so I clenched my teeth through it and almost regretted it. Almost. Pain you can pause, no matter how bad, beats pain you have no control over. At one point, I swear I heard the tissue separating and thought I was going to faint.

3. I’m better, and back at work finally, but not yet recovered, as the infection inexplicably lingers on and I have yet another trip to the ER tomorrow or Wednesday, #5 for those keeping track at home, depending on whether or not I can get a referral from my primary doctor (whom I’ve never been to) and see a surgeon before then. Because our insurance won’t cover the hospital’s surgical clinic checking me out, despite the fact that I’m already in the ER!

4. Was feeling seriously depressed yesterday morning anticipating, and then having confirmed, that the infection wasn’t gone yet. If in fact this is Hidradenitis Suppurativa, I can’t help but be annoyed at the randomness of it all. Though I’ve never broken a bone, there is at least something clear and definable about it, and I’d much rather be dealing with something like that than this ill-defined malady, whose cause is still unclear, that may or may not become a recurring issue.

5. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing compared to being in Iraq or Sri Lanka, or being unemployed, or being homeless, et al, so it’s hard for the depression to linger long. I’ve never been a fan of “woe is me” and coming back to work is probably the best thing I could do at this point. Even ESPN NFL 2K5 gets boring after a while!

6. On the bright side, it’s a new year and good things are in the making. A business trip to Miami and another trip out to Colorado to visit Eric (contrary to my mother-in-law’s declaration of the best Xmas gift ever being her moving into the apartment below us two days before Xmas, this actually ranks in the Top 5!) are right on the horizon. Comic Book Commentary‘s been getting good feedback and steadily increasing traffic with a nice spike on Saturday after it was finally listed on the Comic Weblog Update site. I’m building a solid comics reference library thanks to a nice Xmas influx from my wish list. Thanks to the reviews I’m writing forcing me to read things with a more critical eye, not to mention buying with a more experimental intent, I’m feeling as intellectually and creatively engaged as I have in a long time.

7. Oh yeah, and I won my Fantasy Football league. HE HATE ME: SLAM THIS! LEAGUE 2004 CHAMPIONS!!!! House protected, beeyotches.

8. PS: Thanks to all for the deodorant advice and well-wishes. Next time I see you, you better let me know if I smell funny!

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Seeds: Seven Days “Post-Op” Edition

  1. Guy, I hope you don’t need that surgery. We’re looking forward to you coming down to Miami and hanging with us. Get better!!!!

  2. Ah. I was beginning to wonder why I’d seen so little of you in cyberspace lately–since our paths so often converge–and now I know. Ick. Hope it all gets better soon.

    Victor I.

  3. Congrats on the championship. Ironically enough we both ended up sneaking into our respective playoffs, and both ended up winning the championship in both of our respective leagues. We both successfully managed to defend the house. Just consider yourself fortunate I didn’t end up playing you this league….my team went on a terror, plus I had another 80 points on the bench.

    For the record though, the whole week 17 playoff thing is wack. Half of the primetime players don’t even play full games. Just my $.02 for next year.

    So does this make us Slam This! Co-champions, since I took the baseball crown, or do my first and third place finishes give me the overall crown. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Hope you feel better soon. I’ll keep your armpits in my thoughts and prayers….MCS

  4. Hidradenitis?

    I was just doing some browsing and ran across your blog where it looked like you DID have HS then it looked like you DIDNT have HS then it was like up in the air?

    Hopefully for you, it wasn’t HS. I am one of the unfortunates that suffers and am actually disabled due to the severity of my Hidradenitis and I have been since I was 39. It sucks!

    Anyway, if you keep having “recurring episodes of “ingrown” hairs, ahem.. “then it is probably HS. Unfortunately it goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed on average of 7-12 years. There are some new things going on and new studies, so if you go into anymore flares,just look us up on http://www.hs-usa.org and or call the Helpline at 928-279-0833. That would be me answering the helpline as I have for years.

    Much luck and Hope you are one of the lucky ones!

    Peace and Blessings
    Tammie Ferris
    HS USA Trustee.

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