Adopt A Comic: Elk’s Run / Fade From Grace Winners

Well, it was like pulling teeth, but we’ve got two winners of our first (and last?) Adopt a Comic contest.

Shane Bailey:

I’ve actually been looking for Elk’s Run #1 to try it out.

Ok here we go. I shop at Borderlands Comics and Games in Jacksonville, FL. I think the zip code is 32211 but I’m not sure. They don’t stock a lot of indie or small press books at all. I think they think Dark Horse and Image count as small press. They will order things for customers if the customer asks for it, so what people in Jacksonville need to do is spread the word about the good small press books. I’ve reached some through my site, but we can reach others. Start a fanzine. Leave comics in waiting rooms. Be creative. Talk about your favorite books while in the stores. Some of the buzz will probably wear off on the retailers if they hear customers mentioning certain books all the time. I know that’s worked in the past, especially in getting the store to carry manga. Support your store and most likely they’ll support you. It’s their job after all.

And Erech Overaker:

Well hell, since nobody is posting. And I can never get tired of saying good things about my LCS (formerly rather). Zanadus in Downtown Seattle (98101 I beleive), in all my travels it’s the best shop I have ever been to. I’ve been shopping there since I was like 13 (gonna be 30 this summer), and Perry the owner has always pushed Indie books right next to the big stuff. In fact, I have never had to special order anything because they almost always have a book I want, no matter how obscure. They keep old indie stuff near the checkout counter, strategically I am sure, so as you wait in line you get a big eyeball of it all, being especially good to local creators – big and small. The best part though, is the fact they have two women GASP! working there who are very friendly, extremely knowledgable, and who quite frankly don’t alienate newcomers through the door, like so many “Comic Book Guy” types I have seen at other stores. It really gives the impression that yes, comics are for anyone, and might even be cool. Without a doubt, BEST SHOP EVER. The End.

PS I know I can’t win because I’m not currently in Seattle, but I still wanted to give em props.

For their winning entries, Shane and Erech will each receive, for FREE, copies of Elk’s Run #1 and Fade From Grace #1. Many thanks to the others who submitted entries, and to those who linked to the contest. I’d encourage you all to ask your local retailers about both of these comics as they’re some of the best stuff being published right now. Add them to your pull lists, give a copy to your friends, preach about them on messageboards and your own blogs!!! Comics don’t have to suck, but the good ones need all the support they can get.

Shane and Erech, hit me at glecharles at gmail dot com with your mailing info and I’ll get these out to you sometime this week. Congrats!

2 thoughts on “Adopt A Comic: Elk’s Run / Fade From Grace Winners

  1. You were actually a close third as I picked up the Preview issue and #1 of 303 on your recommendation. Haven’t had a chance to read either of them yet, though. But do seek out Elk’s Run, if not direct from Hoarse & Buggy – I think they still have some in stock – than hit before they sell out. (Search “Elks Run” without the apostrophe.)

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