OPEN CALL: Writers Wanted

With most of my content going over to Buzzscope these days, Comic Book Commentary is looking like the red-headed stepchild since no one else has stepped up to fill the void. As a result, most of our traffic is now coming from Google searches hitting old content instead of regular readers returning via their bookmarks and RSS feeds.

So, I think it’s time to freshen things up by issuing an open call to potential contributors and adding some fresh blood into the mix. If you’ve been randomly writing about comics in your personal blog, or on whatever message boards you might frequent, and want another forum for your musings, drop me a line (glecharles @ gmail dot com) with links to some sample writing and we’ll talk. All genres are cool, as are very specific interests. Check out the FAQ for more information, some of which needs to be updated.

Something to keep in mind: I’ve been toying recently with the idea of a print version of CBC, possibly renamed, along the lines of Comic Shop News, but focused on indies. If that tickles your fancy, definitely contact me.

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