Indie Hype: Bumperboy

In my never-ending quest for great independent comics, I’ve come across some real gems and promoted the hell out of them. 100 Girls, Fade From Grace, Western Tales of Terror, Elk’s Run and Skyscrapers of the Midwest are all great reads that not nearly enough people know about. The latest inductee to that stellar group is…

{drum roll, please}

Debbie Huey’s Bumperboy!

I reviewed it this week for Buzzscope, but wanted to give it an extra special shout-out because it’s THAT kind of good. Check out if you want to really get sucked in like I’ve been. There’s the great “Meet the Gang” section with pictures and short bios of the main cast; adorable pictures of Bumberboy’s real world travels in the “sightings” section; some cool wallpaper – I have the up, up, and away one at home and at work! – in the “downloads” section; “gordy’s blog,” featuring the musings of Bumperboy’s sock-wearing, marble-playing bear buddy; and a “shop” with some great swag that I will be purchasing later this week.

For all wannabe comics creators, is marketing done the right way! If Debbie Huey doesn’t get snatched up and given an animation deal by somebody in San Diego this week, Hollywood’s just not doing its job!

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