If It’s Not One Thing…

It’s another. And another. And another!

Thanks to our latest daycare fiascosituation, there’s some big changes on the horizon, pretty much across the board. Fork in the road time, if you will, with pretty drastic consequences coming from either direction. Part of me wants to kill Rosa for flaking out on us in such incredible fashion – without even a phone call! – and part of me wants to believe this is the equivalent of my decision to move back to Miami when I got out of the Army crashing and burning on arrival, sending me back to NY and, ultimately, to the life I now enjoy.

One doors closes, three more open. I’ve always been pretty lucky that way, even if the hallways have been a bit treacherous at times!

Some of the smaller changes, which are the only ones I can really talk about right now, include my putting Comic Book Commentary on hiatus for the next few months while I rethink its purpose. Between it and my contributions to Buzzscope, which will continue for the forseeable future, I spend way too much time covering comic books to not be making any money at it! The gears are grinding, though, and I have some ideas. Unfortunately, they all hinge on the BIG changes we’re looking at making, so it may be 2006 before anything comes of them.

India’s therapy is progressing pretty well, pretty fast, with all signs pointing to her being able to go to a regular kindergarten when the time comes. Color me cautiously optimistic as some days are much harder than others, but the therapists obviously have way more experience with this than we do, and there’s no question that things could be MUCH worse. I can’t even read some of the stuff Salomé has come across – books, articles, blogs – because it depresses the hell out of me.

Isaac is definitely suffering a bit from the amount of attention India’s getting, initially jealous that India’s therapist was only playing with her and not him, too. The good thing is he doesn’t seem to perceive there being anything “wrong” with India, and other than getting frustrated at times because she doesn’t always want to play with him, he’s been pretty good with her.

In other news…um, Let’s Go Mets! Let’s Go Jets!

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